Rules for writing a great essay in English

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Rules for writing a great essay in English

Before you write an essay on the English language, read some of the rules of writing. These simple guidelines will help you successfully cope with writing.

1. Adhere to the structure of the essay

Once you have received the assignment, determine the type of essay and the plan by which you will write it. After that, go straight to the points: heading – introduction – several paragraphs of the main part – conclusion. Be sure to follow this strict essay structure, otherwise, your work will not be appreciated highly.

2. Use draft

Since there is little time for writing an essay in English, the draft should be used reasonably. If time is running out, we advise immediately after receiving the assignment and acquaintance with the topic to outline your thoughts and arguments to them in the form of short theses. This will allow you to not forget important thoughts while writing a clean copy.

3. Get ready for any topic.

Essay in English shows not only your level of knowledge of the language but also erudition. Therefore, before preparing for the exam, read the texts on various topics. This will help you expand your horizons and memorize new words, phrases, and clichés that you can use in your writing work on the exam.

4. Leave time to check

Allocate time so that at the end of the exam you have at least 5 minutes left to check the essay. As a rule, the assessment is not reduced for accurate corrections, so this is a real chance to “save” your work by correcting the errors found.

5. Determine the appropriate style.

The style of writing an essay in English should be semi-formal or formal. Do not use slang and abbreviations, for example, you can’t instead write cant, instead of wanna – want to, etc. To find out what the different styles of speech differ in and how to use them, read the article “Formal and informal English”.

6. Be concise

An essay on the English language is a short written work. Some students think that the principle “the more the better the better” works, and they write huge works. Alas, the examiners will not only not increase, but also lower the grade for the fact that you did not meet the required volume.

How to be a professional in writing essays?

  1. Argue your case

Every written thought should not sound unfounded. Support it with arguments, a vivid example, statistics, etc. Your written work should show the verifier that you know what you are writing about and are sure that you are right.

  •  Use link words

The introductory words for the essay are important links that link sentences to each other, forming a logical chain of your thoughts. They will help to combine sentences or show contrast, indicate the sequence of actions, etc. We recommend studying such useful constructions in the article “Words-bundles in English”.

  •  Use a variety of vocabulary and grammar.

Avoid repeating words, use synonyms and complex grammatical constructions – show the examiner that you speak English at a high level. Instead of bothering everyone with good, use, depending on the context, remarkable, gorgeous, fascinating. Use complex designs and different times to express your thoughts. A text in which all sentences are written in Present Simple will get a low mark.

  •  State your thoughts correctly.

Essay – a written expression of your thoughts on a particular topic. And here it is important not to forget about elementary delicacy. If possible, do not touch politics, religion, and other “slippery” topics. If the task involves consideration of some kind of “painful” topic, state your point of view tolerantly and politely. In this case, it is better to adhere to a formal tone and avoid the violent manifestation of emotions.

  •  Write gently

Although you should write your thoughts on this issue, however, often try not to use structures of the following type: “I am sure that …”, “I know that …”, etc. Write softer, for example, “It seems to me …”, “In my opinion …” – it will sound more formal and correct in relation to the opinions of other people.

Now you know how to write an essay on the English language perfectly. In order for this theoretical knowledge to bring you practical benefits in the form of high marks on the exam, use them actively. Practice writing essays on various topics – this will be the best preparation for the exam.

5 tips to help you learn how to write an essay in English

1. Read as much as possible

Reading is one of the most important activities that is often neglected. And by the way in the process of reading, you see how the same grammar “works” in practice, words are written and combined with each other, etc. That is, in the process of reading you immerse yourself in English, remember how sentences are constructed, grammatical structures are used and unfamiliar words, and as a result, “transfer” this experience to your own written speech. By the way, linguist Stephen Krashen considered reading as the main method of learning any foreign language. Try it and you!

2. Use special textbooks.

The Virginia Evans Successful Writing Tutorial is an excellent tool for people who want to improve their written language. It explains in detail how to write different types of letters and essays, and also gives samples of each type of written work.

3. Visit special resources

As we have already indicated, for the development of writing, you need to read a lot, and you will get the best effect if you read specialized materials on improving writing in English. For example, we suggest you study the materials of the Daily Writing Tips resource. On this site, you will gain useful information on the correct use of various words and grammatical constructions in written works, read recommendations on punctuation, etc.

4. Find yourself a reviewer.

If you are learning English with a teacher, he will teach you how to perform various written works, will check them and help get rid of mistakes. And if you learn the language yourself, then the only way to check yourself is to use special text-checking services for errors, for example, Sentence Checker, Hemingway Editor or Grammarly. However, keep in mind that the machine check only searches for the worst mistakes, it will not check the logic of your thoughts. In addition, the use of some functions is paid. So, the selection of “your” teacher is the most acceptable way to help you learn English in a comprehensive manner, including learning how to write it competently.

5. Write dictations

Online dictations are another way to practice all English language skills. The text written under the dictation is quite well remembered, which means that later you will be able to use useful clichés to write your own letters and texts. Above we have indicated an article where you will find dictation resources in English.